Custom Woodcraft takes the mystery out of the cost of building your dream. Custom Woodcraft has an open book policy. Our clients see each and every expense and receipt associated with building their dream home.

Everyone has in mind their goals, dreams and what they think it will cost. Custom Woodcraft Builders will advise clients if that number matches their drawings and desires. Blueprints need to be made and the quote is made from that. There are square footage guidelines to ‘guess’ on price, but those are just initial guides. A spreadsheet is created. This spreadsheet and timetable are updated as real cost (and progress) are known. Our clients will always know your grand total and it is an accurate number.

Custom Woodcraft does not work for free. We just do not mark up any materials or subs. There are no commissions, incentives, revenue sharing or ‘behind the scenes arrangements’ with vendors. As your builder – contractor – construction manager, we agree in advance on a across the board percentage and we negotiate the best pricing. You take advantage of our industry wide relationships. You get the benefit of our wholesale direct prices. We can buy your materials less than you can – and we do. Actual hard cost plus our agreed contractor’s fee and that is the price of your project. Everyone knows what is spent at all times from beginning to end.

How do we get started? First get to know us and feel comfortable. Once you know in your heart Custom Woodcraft is the contractor you can trust, then it is time to begin. Custom Woodcraft does require a deposit, however 100% of that deposit applies to the purchase price at the very end. If drawings/blueprints need to be done, they are billed hourly. Once the deposit is paid, the Custom Woodcraft team of industry experts gets started taking the headache out of your dream and making it a reality.

That’s it. Custom Woodcraft keeps it simple, open and honest.