Imagine living ‘in the trees’ surrounded by gorgeous handcrafted wood timbers with no maintenance and almost no energy cost. This type of efficient sturdy air tight construction is now available right here in Indiana.

Many people would love to live in a log home retreat surrounded by the bests of Mother Nature’s wood, however, that would be a full time job of maintenance. Custom Woodcraft Builders (CWB) offers old fashioned wood peg timber frame construction surrounded with gorgeous wood that is completely supporting the house, all on the inside. Our Beamery Timber Frames are handcrafted right here in Indiana for the best in sturdy maintenance free construction. No nails. No screws. Clear open floor plans. Traditional time tested mortise and tenon joinery. Simply the most solid type of home construction there is.


How does your house receive fresh air? Todays ‘stick build’ homes inherently say air (hot and cold) pass through the walls, roof, windows and doors. Does this sound like an efficient way to build? What does the R value matter if your house ‘leaks’ hot and cold air? Yes all homes need fresh clean air. CWB designs homes that are air tight and then controls that air as it enters and leaves the home with an air exchanger. Our timber frame homes are completely wrapped in R 24 structural insulated wall panels (SIPs) and R 40 roof panels completely sealing the home with no thermal breaks. Even better, all timber frames and SIPS utilized by CWB are made right here in Indiana, helping the local economy.

If you want to take your super-efficient ‘Cadillac’ house to even a higher level of energy efficiently, CWB is the general contractor for Indiana’s very first passive energy home (certification pending) with no HVAC , no traditional furnace or air conditioner. Passive home building utilizes 75-95% less energy so that costs are very quickly earned back. Passive houses utilize a combination of site, location, sun, shading, air tight insulation, special triple pane glazed windows, LED lighting, state of the art ventilation and lifestyle. The actual end cost of a passive home can be comparable to any custom home with immediate savings starting with the first utility bill.

The future of energy costs are unknown. No one wants cold winter air leaking into their house or hard earned heat leaking out. If building a new home, it only seems logical and prudent to build a home utilizing resources and technology right here in Indiana to achieve the beauty and efficiency we all dream about for the same amount of cost. Custom Woodcraft Builders provides this type of construction.