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We provide all kinds of construction and building services and we are always glad to resolve nonstandard and unique tasks. We always take challenges and bring them to a conclusion.

A True One Stop Shop


Once your project starts, you will talk to your builder consistently. Building a home is a partnership. It is important that you and your builder have the same goals and expectations, not just of the end goal, but of the process along the way. Custom Woodcraft Builders can make the building process fun and enjoyable.

When you are busy with life and family and do not want to worry about all the details of your new home project, Custom Woodcraft Builders will be there for you. Custom Woodcraft Builders is with you and your building project from the early dreaming phase to handing over the keys. Custom Woodcraft Builder will handle every detail as your general contractor.

If you want to build your home yourself but are unsure about stacking the logs or raising the timber frame and installing the SIP panels, Custom Woodcraft can provide the dry-in only and turn the project over to you to finish. Custom Woodcraft Builders is also there if you already have a general contractor and want us to work with them to provide just the log or timber package.

Custom Woodcraft partnered with a local shop of long time timber framers to now manufacturer our own timber frames. You can watch your own timber frame with traditional mortise and tenon joinery being hand made by the wood species of your choice. Learn more….

Accent any area of your home inside or out with our Beamery handcrafted timber frame wood trusses. All timber trusses are custom made in our own shop to fit any roof or entrance design. Learn more…

Custom Woodcraft maintains an extensive inventory of recycled lumber from authentic Midwest barns and cabins over 100 years old. Our inventory of a variety of wood species include poplar, beech, oak, hickory and chestnut from native and virgin Midwest forests. If your preferred wood type is not in stock, our long list of historic barns to be dismantled will surely include it.Learn more…

If you want your home made of your own wood from trees on your property, Custom Woodcraft Builders can harvest and mill and even cut on site and handcraft your home right in front of your eyes.

The topography of your property affects the project and the cost of the project. Making sure the floor plan you want fits your property is critical. Having the plans drawn and stamped for approval by and architect or engineer actually licensed in the state you are building is required. Custom Woodcraft will make this happen.

The next step after owning the land is getting your ideas and dreams on paper. Blueprints are a must. There are many ways to make this happen. You do not have to write a check to an architect for $10,000 or get locked into one manufacturer that owns your plans. Custom Woodcraft will step you through this process in the most cost and time effective way, keeping you in control of your destiny. All drawings are done by draftsmen experienced in log and timber frame engineering.

You may get approved for a home construction loan, but is it a loan that fits the aggressive draw schedule of log or timber frame homes? Most local bankers do not understand and appreciate the unique value and processes of these types of homes and often banks cannot get the right terms or comparable values. Custom Woodcraft Builders will make sure you are with the right type of mortgage company.


A standard part of the Custom Woodcraft Builders service is a running budget of all cost, actual vs. budgeted. Communication is key about the progress of completion. If you want a timeline in writing of how your project will progress and be completed, when the contract is put together for your project a customized program can be put in place to make this happen. If you want the budget to be a work in progress and so you can determine what can or cannot be afforded, Custom Woodcraft Builders can do that, too.

Custom Woodcraft Builders handles all the paperwork for permits and inspections all along the way. Permits and inspections can take some time. As life and mother nature is not predictable, Custom Woodcraft Builders will help make sure you are prepared with the right type of builders risk insurance. It is money well spent.

Custom Woodcraft Builders will built your home and coordinate, hire, inspect and deal with any and all subs anywhere in the country. Custom Woodcraft Builders is a one stop shop and can make it all happen. Our wood craftsmanship is second to none and all we build are log and timber frame homes. You can tell the difference.

Maybe you want to move a 100 year old barn or restore the lake cottage that your great-grandfather built. No project is too unique for the craftsman and artisans of Custom Woodcraft Builders.

At the beginning of the process, as a team, Custom Woodcraft Builders and the customer determine what level of communication you require. Anything you want to know about your project will be an open book.

Custom Woodcraft Builders’ unique cost plus GC fee pricing structure allows for the lowest possible construction cost. Individual components of the house are not mark up. Custom Woodcraft Builders does not getting any commission or rebates from any vendor or supplier. Custom Woodcraft Builders deals with all vendors on a wholesale level and those costs are what you pay and not a penny more. If it makes you more comfortable, you can pay subs and vendors direct so you know where every penny is at all times. These discounts even include the rustic furniture you buy after we are gone.

Custom Woodcraft is a locally owned and operated company. Please call us if there is a problem. At the one year anniversary there is a walk through and punch list of adjustments that to be need made. All manufacturer warranties are honored.

Custom Woodcraft Builders wants you happy with your new home for the rest of your life. 100% of all care and maintenance procedures will be explained and implemented in the construction process.

Any one of our customers, vendors, subs, banks, industry friends and experts you want to speak with about Custom Woodcraft is available.

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