Your Geist Lake Home can be your Dream Home

If you didn’t just build a brand new Geist lake home, then it’s best to say you’ve acquired an older lake home with years of character.  However, it’s just not “you”, yet.

We specialize in custom Geist Lake Home renovations.  Many of these older lake homes have been built on solid foundations, “good bones” as they say, but cosmetically are either dated or worn.  This is where we come in and from your ideas and dreams, we turn that older lake home into a beautiful, modern looking dream home – something you can live in and not just visit a few months out of the summer.

How We Do It

How we do it is WHY we are chosen so often for high end lake home renovations.  Through our expertise of wholesale buying, design and knowledge, we keep your renovations on time, on budget and most of all – communicate with you through the entire process.  Not only is our communication with you, the homeowner vital, but our ability to communicate well with our supplies, anticipating supply chains and making good choices on alternative options that keep the project within scope and design – is just another aspect that sets us apart from traditional renovation contractors.

Geist Lake Home Renovation
Interior kitchen renovation of lake home


“Bumps” in the road happen.  Something unique and undiscovered may crop up nobody could anticipate.  We sit down with you, discuss the situation and work together on a plan that overcomes the problem with viable, cost effective solutions.

We Breath Life Back Into your Geist Home

We’ve worked with countless individuals and couples that purchase a lake home as an investment – they have the foresight to see the value and possibilities.  Then we come in and with our unique and proven renovation techniques – see their vision to reality and make their investment worthwhile.