Custom Design, Plans and Construction Blueprints

Custom Woodcraft offers a complete line of drafting and architectural services. We always recommend to clients to spend a little money up front and get plans done – right. This way you are in control and can take bids from those plans helping compare ‘apples to apples’. A few dollars on plans then also lets you know what the overall project will cost before you start. If you truly are building that dream home, money spent on plans are an investment in that process and they are yours to keep.

If building a timber frame or log home, have plans drawn by someone that understands the unique engineering of this type of structure. Custom Woodcraft has several on our team with this skill set. Obviously the ideal package would be the same person designing and doing the construction drawings also be the construction manager on site. Our architects do not just ‘sit behind a desk’. They design with and from the perspective of actually building it within the customer’s budget. It is not about ‘making it look cool’, it’s about a well engineered, functional structure that fits the needs and lifestyle of the homeowner.

Lake Renovation Floor Plans

Deadlines & Timelines


Life has never been busier. Is the completion of your new home critical to the planning of that busy life? Absolutely!

If knowing a realistic completion date is a must, Custom Woodcraft can put a custom plan together making this a part of our agreement. Custom Woodcraft Builders takes the time before starting and makes a plan that fits your schedule.

  • Constant real time updates of progress, costs and productivity
  • Total open honest reports
  • Updates and communication all along the way.

Isn’t this how it should be?