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Meet the Custom Woodcraft experts…

David M. Marquart, President

For years Dave has wondered why there are so many construction horror stories. Why isn’t there business professionalism in the construction industry? Dave has a decade of running hundreds of the log & timber industry’s major events all across the country and literally knows everyone in the ‘biz’. Each event he walked away with the observation that it is way too complicated & difficult for a consumer to build their dream home. Custom Woodcraft was formed to answer all of those questions and solve those problems.

David is a life long businessman with a ‘no excuse’ attitude. He expects no excuses from himself or any company or employee he hires. He has been an entrepreneur since college operating several different businesses in a variety of trades. There is a very obvious need in the log and timber building industry for one firm to handle your project from beginning to end – not just drop off a pile of wood on your lot. Custom Woodcraft exist to fill this need.

There is also a very obvious need for the customer to be confident with the construction of their dream home. David’s concept of open book pricing, live real time job site camera, business professionalism in construction, timelines and deadlines is now a reality. Combined with his personal decade long relationship with each and every manufacturer and supplier in the log and timber frame industry, Custom Woodcraft truly offers the customer – you – exactly what this industry has been missing. It is now easy to build your dream log and timber frame home and there is one place to go for all you need – Custom Woodcraft.

David is a native Hoosier, born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana, moving to Indianapolis in 1990. He lives in Noblesville, Indiana and is married with 6 children. David and his family are very active in the community and various church and school projects. He is planning to build his very own timber frame room addition and model for Custom Woodcraft.

David Watters, Beamery Frames

Our master framer is David Watters and has been in this industry for 23 years. Since he received a historical barn book at 8 years of age and proceeded to make a model timber frame bridge at 14, David was hooked on timber framing. All of his jobs through high school and college were framing and cabinet making. He even used SIP panels on a remodel job in high school. David has an Environmental Design BA from the University of Colorado with an emphasis in architecture in 1984. Over the years from working in Colorado, Arkansas, Indiana or New Hampshire, David Watters has designed and built over 30 timber frame homes, one national recognized brew pub in the Ozarks (Ozark Brewing Company), scores of architectural trusses and entry facades even a historical covered bridge project in Park County, Indiana. Experience, service and attention to detail prevail when Custom Woodcraft and The Beamery are on the job.


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