May 2013 – Brown County, Indiana Passive Home Basement Finished in One Day!

A perfectly insulated basement in a day for less money. The basement walls are pre-built/insulated/pre-studed using Superior Walls. The walls were set and ready for drywall the same day! Custom Woodcraft Builders uses all the latest building technology to save cost, speed the building process and lower energy cost with maximum insulation. For more information about a …

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May 2013 – Footers Finished in Brown County

May 2013 – Footers finished for the Hybrid Cypress Timber Frame Home in Nashville, Indiana in Brown County. The footings and subfloor utilized washed and compacted #11 stone overlayed with a dense 4″ thick foam.

May 2013 – Handcrafting Underway

May 2013 – Handcrafting is underway on the Cypress Timber Frame home in the Whitestown, Indiana shop. Photos are courtesy of Michele Wedel.                        

Log Homes: Advantages Compared to Conventional Construction

Among the various types of construction, log homes have a lot of significant advantages. The benefits of building a log home begin with the building materials. Building from solid wood is convenient, healthy and efficient. Trees are renewable resources, thus log homes do not destroy the natural environment. Log homes can be made of special …

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Think about building a healthy home

If you think about the amount of time spent indoors with your family you will see the real necessity of feeling confident that you breathe clean air.  A great part this confidence depends on the type of building materials used to construct your home.  So, in case you are considering building a new home, choosing …

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