Brown County Indiana Passive Energy Home

Indiana’s first Passive Energy Home is has been awarded numerous awards in the

Monroe County Parade of Homes!


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 Watch the video of the timber frame raising!
Watch the first video of the SIP Panels going on!      Watch the second video of the SIP Panels going on!

  Built in breath taking Brown County, Indiana, this full timber frame home is Indiana’s first 100% Passive home.

This beautiful home was designed by Architect David A. Watters and the home will utilize Cypress timbers from The Beamery.


This beautiful home’s timber frame is made from Cypress and is 100% mortise and tenon joinery.


This timber frame home is completely wrapped in SIP panels. For more information on SIP panels click the link below:

The entire home is enclosed in a seal envelope of foam including under the basement floor for maximum energy efficiency. For more information on the foam insulation click the link below:

A passive home enjoys a constant year round temperature without the use of a heater or an air conditioner. Passive homes use a fraction of electricity normal homes use and save the home owner money! To learn more about passive homes click the link below:

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