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Custom Woodcraft offers a complete line of drafting and architectural services. We always recommend to clients to spend a little money up front and get plans done – right. This way you are in control and can take bids from those plans helping compare ‘apples to apples’. A few dollars on plans then also lets you know what the overall project will cost before you start. If you truly are building that dream home, money spent on plans are an investment in that process and they are yours to keep.

If building a timber frame or log home, have plans drawn by someone that understands the unique engineering of this type of structure. Custom Woodcraft has several on our team with this skill set. Obviously the ideal package would be  the same person designing and doing the construction drawings also be the construction manager on site. Our architects do not just ‘sit behind a desk’. They design with and from the perspective of actually building it within the customer’s budget. It is not about ‘making it look cool’, it’s about a well engineered, functional structure that fits the needs and lifestyle of the homeowner.

Part of the drawing process can include 3-D views of the house. This helps visualize the project from many angles and really helps one ‘see’ the end product. If you want to see the light shadows from any window and how it affects furniture placement, Custom Woodcrafts’ technology can make it happen. Below are some sample 3-D views from a recent log home design:

A small deposit will get Custom Woodcraft started on your dream plans with no commitment or obligation to us and they are yours to keep. Custom Woodcraft utilizes the latest CAD and can be in your living room making changes right before your eyes. If you are serious about building your dream home, this is the key step to get started. It is also 100% time and money well spent. Budgets, timelines, costs, room to room specifications, floor plans, just about each and every decision stems from blueprints.


Many design options for many budgets

For those that have investigated, studied and explored the home desired and know exactly what they want inside and out, we have a per hour draftsman package to transfer your plans into construction ready blueprints. Our fee is $80 per hour with a $2,500 deposit and we only charge for actual CAD time – not our meetings and consultations. All plans are reviewed by an architect.

If you’re really not sure about the process or the end look, you want it done right. and you really ‘want your hand held’ through the process, the added skill and experience of an experience licensed architect/construction manager from beginning to end insures the best end result of your large dream home investment. This program is based on 4% of the overall budget and includes absolutely everything – concept sketches, site visits, design, plot plans, budget estimates, construction blueprints and a final cost.

Maybe you’re some place in the middle. You just need an architect for the initial ideas and getting the home to properly fit the property, but know what you want on the inside and can ‘take it from there’. In this case, we engage our architect initially for preliminary design sketches and cost analysis for 1.5% of the project budget and change to the above listed draftsman hourly rate. The best of both worlds.

Yet one more option for CAD drafting to end up with construction blueprints is a set sq. ft. price with a limited number of revisions. Per sq. ft. price varies based on the number of revisions desired and what level of mechanicals are needed. Feel free to contact us for additional details.

New this year, Custom Woodcraft will do an initial consultation, sketch, and preliminary budget at no charge. All timber frame shop drawings are included at no charge when we provide our Beamery frame.

Want to see some recent custom designs by Custom Woodcraft – Click here. Several of these construction ready log and timber frame plans are for sale.



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