Indiana Home Beats “Passive House” Air Tightness Standard!

Interior of Poole home

The air tightness of a home built by Custom Woodcraft builders and the Beamery with David Watters as the designer in Indiana measured .56 air changes per hour (ACH) at 50 Pascals, beating the .60 ACH required for the Passive House standard used for energy-efficient buildings throughout Europe, and increasingly in the U.S. The Brown County Indiana home owned by an Indianapolis couple is ‘air tight’ with two sealed ‘envelopes’ – one with Thermocore SIPS (4″ walls and 61/2 ” roof) and another of 4″ foam on the walls and 5″ additional on the roof. The architects unique cost effective design to achieve the passive ‘no hvac’ goal is a first in Indiana.

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