Log Homes: Advantages Compared to Conventional Construction

Among the various types of construction, log homes have a lot of significant advantages. The benefits of building a log home begin with the building materials.
Building from solid wood is convenient, healthy and efficient. Trees are renewable resources, thus log homes do not destroy the natural environment. Log homes can be made of special sustainable wood or the harvest standing. These technologies are closely connected to green building. The efficiency of a log home is well seen when considering durability. Log homes have been used in Europe for nearly eight hundred years!
The building material for log homes is solid wood – a part of nature so it can prevent damages during bad weather conditions. The wooden walls of a log home are warm to the touch during all seasons. Natural logs collect warmth and radiate it so the inside temperature will be always comfortable. The organic materials naturally integrate right into the landscape therefore great scenic pictures may be taken.
Another benefit of log homes is their short building time. The shell for your log home can be framed much faster than the frame for a conventional home. With the right crew and building system, a frame can be constructed in about two weeks. Conventional construction compared to a precut and pre-drilled log system or a handcrafted home is much more complicated. The composition of different elements leads to the likelihood of long term building.
Log homes even offer benefits in maintenance; you should not be worried about mold, mildew, or insect infestation, because you can see everything just by visual inspection. If any of these are detected they are likely to be detected early thus making it much easier to eliminate damage.
Natural wood absorbs sound so your home will be peaceful and quiet. In addition, log homes look great and have a great variety of handcrafts that are available inside so there’s a great field for your imagination!

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