What is Timber Framing and How to Choose Timber Frame Builders?

Timber framing is a technology of wood building without using modern high-tech tools to manufacture details of starting materials. Timber Frame BuildersUsually timber frame structures are created of heavy timber joined by various types of joints. Originally timber frame builders peg the joints with nearly inch allowance left place for seasoned movement.

There are two main rules it timber framing: scribing and square rule carpentry. While scribing timber frame builders use timber sockets which are individually manufactured to fit their corresponding timbers, so each timber part must be numbered or scribed. Square rule carpentry allows interchangeable braces and girts. Earlier spaces between the timbers were infilled with wattle and daub, loam, brick or rubble for insulation and warmth.

There are several differences between conventional wood-frame structures and timber framing. Firstly, timber frame builders use larger wooden timbers (nearly 15-30 cm). Secondly, in timber frame constructions details are fastened together by using wooden pegs instead of nails or mechanical fasteners.

All these technologies are used by modern experienced timber frame builders to create high-quality homes. If you’re looking for qualified timber frame builders you should be guided with some questions, which help to describe and understand how builder actually works. Pay attention to:

  •  condition of timbers;
  •  fit and finish of all trim work;
  • fit and finish of all tile work;
  • how neat & organized is the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC work under sinks and in the mechanical room;
  • do all doors, including closets, line up, open and close properly?

The best way  to choose wood home builders is to ask for a reference, to interview the homeowner of the finished object and if it’s possible to inspect the work by yourself.

If you’re interested in building a high-quality, efficient and dreamlike wood home you can contact Custom WoodCraft Builders.

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