Green building option introduced by Custom Woodcraft Builders

‘Green’ is rapidly becoming the new way to build. Combine ‘green’ with cost savings, labor savings, time savings and incredible ‘R’ value in insulation and there is a sure winner. Custom Woodcraft Builders is providing that ‘winner’.

On a recent log home project, Custom Woodcraft Builders has introduced the structural insulated panels (SIPS) of Eagle Panel Systems into the Indianapolis market. Custom Woodcraft Builders is the new Indiana dealer for Eagle SIPS. Eagle Panel was ‘very excited about the opportunities in the area with Custom Woodcraft Builders and excited about the end roads they are making’. Custom Woodcraft chose to align themselves with Eagle not only for their quality and great service, but Eagle offer the unique time, labor and money saving step of having the chosen interior (dry wall – tongue and groove) already attached to the inside of the panel. Once the exterior or roof SIPS are installed, the interior is complete as well!

Eagle Panel Systems Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are far superior in strength, energy efficiency, and lasting quality when compared to traditional framing/insulating methods. Creating a permanent energy envelope, the panels provide a more comfortable living space. Significantly reducing heating and cooling bills, Eagle Panel Systems SIPs insure continuous savings throughout the life of the structure.

Eagle Panel Systems SIPs provide the additional advantage of eliminating air infiltration. Commonly referred to as R-Value, the measure of resistance to heat flow through insulation, is based on tests conducted under laboratory conditions which do not take into consideration such variables as air infiltration, settling, moisture, compression behind wiring, etc. Other test studies have confirmed that minimal 15 mph to moderately high 25 mph outside winds significantly reduce the thermal performance of loose fill batt type insulation. Outside air enters through the loose fill insulation, which must be vented by moving air, and passes through electrical outlets and around windows and doors. The results of air infiltration are higher energy costs and uneven temperatures.

The energy envelope created by Eagle Panel Systems SIPs eliminates hot and cold spots caused by air leaks. Unaffected by air infiltration and other variables, the R-Value of Eagle Panel Systems SIPs increases in viability. The ability to eliminate air infiltration provides the difference in energy consumption and energy savings.

With the price of SIPS coming down and becoming so affordable combined with the job sight building time saved, Custom Woodcraft Builders is confident SIPS will be used on more that log or timber frame homes. David Marquart, President of Custom Woodcraft Builders states ‘we can prove with simple math that building with SIPS is cheaper than even conventional building’. Someday soon, even production homes will be built with SIPS. They clearly are the way to go and I am going to use SIPS on my own room addition – no doubt’

Contact Custom Woodcraft Builders for more information about Eagle Panel SIPS and incorporating them into your next building project. Your first heating bill will thank you!

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