First in Hamilton County Indiana

With space, soil sample and budget constraints, Custom Woodcraft Builders solves a septic problem with a first in Fishers Indiana.

Thinking outside of the box is what Custom Woodcraft Builders did to solve a homeowners’ recent septic issue. Custom Woodcraft Builders was contracted to build a 3700 sq. ft. log home on less than 1 acre in the middle of Fishers Indiana. As the project includes building over an existing home and septic, the space constrictions were very tight. The Board of Health of course would not all access to any part of the existing 30 + year old septic. Soil test did not pan out except for one small 30’ x 70 area on the edge of the property. Other than paying the extra for a mound system or a solution even more costly, the engineers were stumped.

Custom Woodcraft Builders did not give up and knew there had to be a way. Custom Woodcraft Builders brought in Monroe Site Work from Brown County Indiana as we had heard about some space saving technology they were utilizing in Indiana. A Presby septic system was suggested and designed to fit the small lot then presented to the Board of Health. After a few ‘hoops’ , lots of explaining by Monroe and many references, Custom Woodcraft Builders now has the septic permit in hand.

The Hamilton County Board of Health is very excited about this space saving septic option and looks forward to its future use. Thanks was given to Custom Woodcraft Builders for its introduction and a smile is now on the customers face with the seemingly out of reach septic permit in hand. The rest of the project can now begin.

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