Open Book Honesty In The Construction Industry

Custom Woodcraft Builders offers customers a fresh perspective on building their log or timber frame dream home. In short, Custom Woodcraft Builders does things different.

Complete open book pricing is how jobs are priced. No product is marked up. Homeowners pay exactly what we pay – from door knobs to dry wall – our cost is your cost.

As your general contractor, all dealer commissions for log or timber frame package is waived and that savings is passed on to the homeowner. That means Custom Woodcraft Builders buys log and timber packages for less and the homeowner gets 100% of that savings.

Custom Woodcraft Builders is also a dealer for structural insulated panels (SIPS). If selected as the general contractor on your project, our dealer commission is waived. that means that SIPS bought through Custom Woodcraft Builders cost 8-16% less than a direct retail purchase and that savings is 100% passed on to the homeowner.

These are just a few examples of how Custom Woodcraft Builders is doing its part in this economy to make log and timber frame dream home a reality.

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